Ashley Outrageous is a 5’2” giant.

In 2008, the Miami-native started her own personal blog that soon carved out her budding career in hip-hop. Her background in graphic design has given her a unique perspective on the contemporary digital space, bridging the gaps between live-activation, social media and cultural trends. With a Latin-American flavor, Ashley has given burgeoning artists a platform to share their music. It’s become a rite of passage for new artists to be featured on the website, simply because of Ashley’s passion for music and hip-hop culture. It’s this drive that lead her to becoming the Director of Digital Media for Top Dawg Entertainment and that’s definitely not where she’s stopping– xnxx bakire pornoları rus sex redtube amatör porno

A year after moving to New York, the 24-year-old has become a multi-media personality, not limiting herself to music. This re-launch of perfectly refelcts Ashley’s growth, incorporating more elements of her lifestyle through original content and expanding the focus from just music to food, technology and fashion. When you can’t reach her on the site, you can find her sporting J’s, rapping fellow Miami-native Trick Daddy’s greatest hits and sipping on a whiskey-ginger.