For a city long dominated by electronic dance music, this year’s rendition of the Rolling Loud music festival may have very well shifted the entire landscape of hip-hop music in Miami for many years to come. Year one of the Rolling Loud music festival brought on passive, but relatable memories of the legendary Rock The Bells music festival, which only passed through the city of Miami in 2007 and 2008. But year three of Rolling Loud was a titan like none other, which brought on media heavyweights like Revolt TV to livestream the festival for the very first time. With special guest appearances by Diddy, Kylie Jenner, Skepta and Timberland (to name a few), there was a totally translucent, but deeply critical aura to the festival that we did not pay witness to in the previous two years of Rolling Loud’s existence. For the whole weekend, Miami, Florida blossomed from its weather to its 40,000+ concertgoers, whom played a monumental role in the expansion of Rolling Loud’s now three-day arrangement.

In year three, Rolling Loud’s overall coordination throughout the weekend was quite noteworthy; with innovative efforts that included water stations, unique stage-mic/phone setups for streaming and a prosperous system of both artist and festival merchandise that inevitably flooded the streets of Miami. Food vendors were plentiful, and despite the rather imposing prices, the menu options were diverse and as flavorsome as festival food can get. As the festival’s lead structures, the Postmates Stage and Monster Energy Stage both had a fair share of unique experiences for concertgoers, however only having two stages seemed a bit overwhelming and proved to be disadvantageous by the time Migos were set to perform on the festival’s final day. The delays were not as crushing as Future’s set last year, but it seemed that both Rolling Loud and the city of Miami somehow still managed to mistakenly underestimate the 6:40 slot-time for Migos.



Although we hinted at it before, we were thoroughly impressed by Revolt TV’s initiatives to livestream each set from the respective artists of Rolling Loud. The festival grounds did not really have clear vantage points to comfortably watch the performances, which we believe may drive some concertgoers to just opt-out and wait for the livestream next year. Artists enlisted this year for Rolling Loud had an uncanny way of delivering energy into their performances, but it worked out as a whole remarkably. Even though a little more research and thought could have been put into the line-up, year three of Rolling Loud satisfied the hunger of nearly every type of hip-hop fan (leaving virtually no room for grievances).

We would be hard-pressed to try to form some type of ranking of the performances this year, which speaks volumes to just how impressive each of the main headliners were. A ton of the artists brought their tour visuals and enigmatic creations to life at Rolling Loud (most notably Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar), a treat to fans who have profusely complained in the past at artists excluding Miami from their tour schedules. Year three of Rolling Loud is surely going to stay in conversation until next year’s unveiling, a true celebratory mark on Miami’s progress as a city in light of hip-hop’s reign in the music industry.




As Always, The AO! Press Coalition!
Writer: Tones (@psychotones)
Photographer: Mariano (@emfigg)
Platform: Ashley Outrageous (@aoutrageous)