Brooklyn based Electro-pop duo denitia and sene solidified Alternative R&B with 2013 debut LP His and Hers, an iTunes R&B chart topper. Since then, both built individual careers: vocalist Denitia delivered a project performing under ADESUWA (Air Light) as Sene starred in Netflix hit series Luke Cage.

“A lot has happened since His and Hers. Dede and I had enough songs in the bank since we did our last album. but at some point you can’t have everyone on this microwave generation shit. I don’t know if it’s a good wave to do things. We were very lucky how well our last record did,” says Sene. “Were still getting shows 2-3 years after our last album. You don’t see that much anymore.”

Soulful sensuality has been this duo’s strong suit. His and Hers encapsulated summer love. love and noir. teeters between narratives of hazy romance and confusion. “We had a seamless vibe going into our previous records. We had a lot of songs that we kept working on before we knew what they would be. We were focused and excited,“ Denitia tells us.

To start off their newest body of work, denitia and sene present “Favorite,” a convoluted yet lethargic introduction. According to Sene, the version fans hear today is actually a remixed one. “We had the original version of ‘Favorite’ for a while,” Sene tells us. “Dede had already killed the vocals, the beat had horns and it was really big- maybe we’ll drop it later as the remix. We liked the original song a lot but weren’t going to put it out as is. One night I flipped the song and forgot about it ’til months later when we played it in the studio and we both loved it cause it was so dope.”


“‘Favorite’ is my favorite jam. I like it for so long before we flipped it. It’s extra minimal Theres something about the pitched up pitched down vocal thats happening. Its really Short and captures the concept really well. I enjoy that song a lot,” Denitia shares.

“Favorite” then rolls right into, “Strung,” a song that emphasizes the piercing narratives of intense heartbreak. “Powder” unites a slow, errier production assisted in highlighting love’s addictive qualities and its unrequited fears. Sene enters a period of hallucination against his own mind in “Hundreds” attempting stifle voices, tackle emotional discomfort and make conscious decisions. Both make their pleas, in hopes of achieving clarity.

L+N’s production gradually slowed in “Roulette”. Thumping kick drums emphasize a turning point of conversation as they advise to “not try this at home”.“Open Wide” solidifies a power-struggle: Denitia yearns for appreciation but continues to be suffocated by white noise. “We stay in a flow of working,” says Denitia. “’Open Wide’ came from Sene sampling something else we had done and some other vocals we had done before. It’s one of my favorite songs we’ve done.”


“The Rum Diaries” relies on percussion, kicks and claps for foundation. Denitia provides clarification in misunderstandings by belting reasons to run away. In “Witchu Gone” combines ticking trip-hop vibes as Sene developing addiction as a coping mechanism in a nightmare.

“Alone” thrives on an energetic, upbeat electronic tempo as Denitia contemplates loneliness with howling vocals. “Too Far” sees the duo closing love and noir.: attempting to reconcile differences while trying to pinpoint the beginning of an emotional avalanche. Sene faintly asks questions as Denitia finally attempts to accept the situation for face value.

“Too Far is one of my favorites because it’s relatable to any kind of relationship,” explains Sene. “At some point in any relationship you’re going to look and think ‘How did we get here?’ How did we get to this point right here?’ What transitions a couple from wanting to see each other everyday to,’I can’t wait to get away from you, or ‘Oh nice to meet you,’ to ‘That’s my fuckin’ best friend you better watch what you say about them,’ know what I mean? For that reason it’s one of my favorites.”


love and noir. is an impassioned whirlwind, redefining the beautiful struggle of love and heartbreak through R&B and electronic production styles. They make it possible to escape a hysterical nightmare. Just pay close attention.