On December 20th, Kurt Rockmore ended his 15-city run on Tory Lanez’ I Told You tour making, Charlotte, NC the final destination. Today, he keeps the momentum going by premiering a new record titled “When You The Man.”

On “When You The Man,” Rockmore details life as a big shot that can shutdown clubs and stages with his presence. Ominous chords set way to the braggadocious highlife raps followed by thunderous drums and kicks which give the track an energetic quality, perfect for the turn up.

“I wrote and recorded this song in between tour dates on the I Told You tour with Tory Lanez,” says Kurt. “It was how I was feeling at the time because after a few crazy shows, me team and I started to see the switch. It was almost like we could like we feel the stars moving into place. E White sent the beat over, and we had it done in less than a week.”

The booming production provided by E White falls in line with the darker trend of records Kurt has been releasing and getting fans to turn up to night-in and night-out on road.

Stream Kurt Rockmore’s newest single below and get to know more about the artist in our Get Familiar profile piece.