Fresh from touring the US and Canada on the “Be Ever Wonderful’ tour with his AGO crew member Waldo, The SEVENth returns with a new demo tape aptly titled 001 DEMOS.

The 10-track offering showcases The SEVENth’s wide range of application as both an overall producer and artist. On records like “J Train Connections,” “Baby, Keep It Real,” and “If It’s OK,” the Michigan-natives icy production and shivering synths take center focus. Whereas on joints like “Milans’s Hideout,” “Stay W U.” plus “Moon Light,” we hear the dual threat come into his own as a true emcee and rap-crooner.

The project includes additional production from Sango, Savon, and Mosaic as well as additional vocals from Marti Ragan, Waldo and Amos Rose. When speaking on 001 DEEMOS, The SEVENth said, “This collection of demos have been grabbing my attention; Most of them were created between Summer 2014 and the Fall of 2016. Some were made with midi keyboards in Fruity Loops and others with analog gear in Logic.”

Majority of the music was created in The SEVENth’s Michigan home studio including “Stay W U.,” his favorite track. “The record “Stay W U.” was my favorite to create because it was so fun. I created the content based upon thinking about stuff Sango could relate too… which is pretty much sharing art, and getting back home/where love is,” says The SEVENth. “I want folks to listen to these demos mostly to get a closer listen into my sound, how I approach my art, and for a taste of whats to come in the future.”

Stream the entire collection of demos below from The SEVENth. Look for more from him and the AGO crew in the near future.