Brent Faiyaz – Invite Me

The current trend of R&B is always changing. The genre has always held many sub-genres and tracks that stand on it’s boarders or include elements of Rhythm and Blues. While the genre itself is a combination of jazz, gospel, and blues influences, one thing has remained consistent, it’s a genre that we always seem to turn to when in need of good vibes.

As over crowded as the genre may seem at the moment, it seems like many are starting to gather around Maryland vocalist Brent Faiyaz. Truly a bringer of good vibes, mostly 90’s inspired, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter has a gift for reflecting on past situations and allowing himself to be vulnerable and honest about them. Brent does just that on his Pablo Dylan and James Harte-produced latest track, “Invite Me.”

Putting his his immaculate vocals atop of moving guitar stings and Gospel like organs, the budding Los Angeles-based artist shares his Blues. Stream the track below and look for it to appear on Faiyaz’s upcoming debut project, Side A: AM Paradox, which is set to release on September 19th of this year.