I’ve worked in music for 7 years and I’m still so inspired by the women who are thriving and succeeding in this male-driven ecosystem. It’s been a dream of mine to bring together women in the industry and the mission has now been completed, I just threw the most amazing, fun-filled and empowering girl’s night ever! From makeup tutorials, to a private listening session, to a catered dinner, I was able to connect the dots and create a memorable experience celebrating women in music for Women’s History Month.

The night began at the super cool Patch House in Brooklyn: four floors, four bedrooms, a recording studio, and a beautifully laid out living room only partially describe the ambiance. There’s art on almost every wall, each bedroom has a different theme, the kitchen is a chef’s dream, even the bathrooms were their own hideouts. And I can’t forget to mention the abundance of Sour Patch Kids candy.

Once all the girls arrived it was time for a full on glam session. Special thanks to Make Up For Ever for hooking us up with their latest products that are perfect for any girl on-the-go! Luckily I also had my girls Sandra and Mimi there, true makeup aficionados, to give us pointers and beat our faces (z snaps). Everybody’s makeup had the whole crew looking fabulous, which paired oh so well with Martine Ali’s handmade jewelry. Martine was nice enough to stop by The Patch to showcase her collection of necklaces, rings, bracelets and even let all the girls choose the piece they loved the most. We were right in the middle of our “glam high” when the door bell rang, and then plesantly interrupted by Def Jam’s latest signee and Toronto native, Jahkoy. The living room turned into a live listening session of his latest RnB jams, setting the mood for the night.

With all of this excitement I didn’t realize I had worked up an appetite, which was perfect because right on time came Little Mo, one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. They dropped off platters of their tastiest Asian-fusion menu options including char-sui chicken and cajun fried catfish banh-mi’s, and my favorite brussels glazed in their special ginger citrus soy sauce. YUM


The vibes were on 100 and the night’s momentum was still picking up, it was time to head to one of the most exciting parts of #AOGNO. The girls and I were out the door to catch Tinashe’s “Joyride” world tour stop at Webster Hall where our surprise house guest Jahkoy was opening! Coming from Brooklyn all the way to Manhattan on a Saturday can be a journey, so we were glad to have Lyft to and from the concert.

After the show it’s the after party, which went down back the Patch House, onesie style. All of the girls donned their brand new indigo Onepiece onesies and we officially looked like a girl squad ready to jump into action: pillow fights, dance breaks, girl talk and facials!

As the night wound down, I was achieving my goal of bringing women together to inspire others. It’s important to show that women are power players too, not just men. With such positive energy flowing between us, we all left inspired by the memories we created during this experience. This was the first #AOGNO of many more to come!

Love to these girls for making the night special: Jasmine Solano, Martina McFlyy, Ms. Nix, Kitty Cash, Ravie B, Jessica Lehrman, Cayla Cousins and last but not least Ramya Velury who was my right hand in planning this event!

To all the brands who made this night possible, thank you: Make Up For Ever, Martine Ali, Def Jam Records, Little Mo, Lyft, and Onepiece.

Want to know what music played during said dance breaks? Peep our playlist below: