It was all good just some weeks ago…

Earlier this month, during my trip to Los Angeles, I was reunited with Mazda. This time with a car that had a bit more space than the 3 I had in Miami. I present to you the Mazda CX-3, currently my favorite from their roster so far. I learned how to drive in an SUV, so bigger cars are definitely right up my alley. So what if I’m 5’2″, I LIKE MY SPACE! Since the CX-3 isn’t a sedan but a crossover, I decided to take a small adventure up to a place in LA I had never been before, Elysian Park. Driving up a mountainside for about 10 minutes, we got to a breathtaking vantage point where we could see the entire city. It was nothing short of amazing!

The car’s features were akin to the Mazda 3’s user friendly interface, so it was easy to adjust and I was ready to go almost as fast as the car itself! With that said, Mazda’s automobiles get another two thumbs up. From entertainment, to outstanding performance, to safety features, the CX-3 has it all and I would certainly recommend it. AO APPROVED!

Photography by Ricky Directs

Driving: 2016 Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring AWD ℅ Drive Shop