It was just last Thursday when I cruised down to DC in a brand new 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer, just 24 hours before the blizzard that was Jonas hit. Yes, I said a blizzard. The risk of getting caught in the storm was all in favor to attend the opening night of my good friends at PREMIUM pop-up shop that was kind of a big deal for the DC Metro area. Stretching over the floor of Union Market’s Maurice Electrical warehouse, the theme was dry cleaning and laundry service and these guys had it down pat. From having actual washing machines present, to their own branded soap jugs and a display of the clothing on the line just like an actual dry cleaner would have it, I loved the atmosphere! Sponsored by Asics, the party had special guests ranging from the Washington Wizards own John Wall, John Geiger, rapper Chaz French and more as well as influencers like my fellow Miami native Norma Now.

When I asked Scooty, Marketing Director for PREMIUM, what the idea was behind the dry cleaning and laundry service theme, he said: “As Premium develops, we’re constantly visiting new places that are deeper and deeper into the world of fashion. Whether it’s the factories of Vegas or the dye houses of LA, their industrial aesthetic always brings me back to sitting in the laundromat or dry cleaner when I was a kid growing up in DC. It’s been a theme not only for Premium’s development, but also our shared heritage and we wanted to deliver that to our city.”

Well they sure did deliver and I’m glad I was able to come into the city for just a day to witness it all! If you missed out on the action, make sure you visit their website to cop up!

Photography by Heather Cromartie and Ahad Subzwari