Doing something just once usually isn’t the case for me. With that said, I had to hit up my friends at Drive Shop once more during my stay in Miami for another set of wheels. Delivered to my driveway was a shiny red 2016 Mazda3 and I could feel the excitement in my belly! This would be my “lady in red” for the next week…

Let’s talk about my favorite gadgets. First, push to start! Easy like 1, 2, 3! As soon as you hop in, you’re overcome with the feeling of luxury. At first, the dash and center console seemed like a lot to take in but turned out to be very easy to use. You can control the console by using the knob, and you have the option of using the touch screen, whichever you like better! The Mazda3 is also equipped with SiriusXM radio, and is perfectly complemented with a Bose stereo system to back it up. And you better know I like my music LOUD!

As for safety features, back-up cameras are of course my favorite and yes, the Mazda3 had one. Now forgive me if I’m late on this feature but I got my first car in 2007 and it was my only car, so the rain-detecting automatic windshield wipers were super awesome to me! They came in handy for Florida’s sudden rain showers! I also loved how the side mirrors told me when another car was in my blindspot or too close.

If I could cruise around in this red ting’ again, I would.

Photos by Kathy Rosario