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TwonDon - Stay Golden (EP Stream)

It’s hard to keep up with all the genres and sub-genres of music today that I’ve just been going off particular moods and styles that I’m into at that moment. With Hip-Hop being my go to choice on any given day, what I press play on all depends on the environment that I’m in and vibe surrounding me.

Recently I got a chance to sit down and listen to some new music New Jersey emcee TwonDon, as I hit the bloc to catch up with old friends. The sound of music that Twon creates can be best described as East Coat Rap with a slight touch of Boom-Bap mixed with 90’/early 2000’s hustlers ambition. It’s a complete 180 from music being created by Paterson, NJ Pop star Fetty Wap but Twon is prominently displaying Jersey’s underground Hip-Hop scene has to offer and has caught the ears of Harlem native Smoke DZA while doing so.

His latest EP, Stay Golden, is executive produced by DZA and features production by Evan Haynes, Dzo Beatz, ItsGoodBeats, Brandon Lee, Dreamlife Beats and more with DZA appearing as the only featured artist. Creating balance on the EP with records like “Run It” and “Too Committed,” Twon’s newest body of work is a short but sweet 9-track solid effort filled with lyrical content based around his inner thoughts and hardships.

Twon has heaps of potential, and his new EP is sure to gain him much earned notoriety. With that, be sure to stream Stay Golden and download the EP over on Soundcloud.