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Yohannes - HANNE (EP)


Checking out Lyfe Harris’ new and smooth body of work, No Nights Off, one couldn’t help but notice one contributor standout a little more than others. His name is Yohanne and he hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Across Lyfe’s EP, the rap-crooner made his presence felt on icy tracks “Sometimes” and “Baggage,” making this listener want to find out a little more about the artist. What I found was a project he put out last year titled Somber and a more recently released, semi self-titled EP called HANNE.

Starting off strong with “I Need That,” Yohanne’s 4-track project pulls listeners in to his dark and druggy, Trap inspired world no doubt influenced by his time in West Michigan, Atlanta and the Richmond, Virginia area (RVA). On the production tip, RVA mainstay Ron Oilers creates 75% of the tape with the other 25% coming from OG Maco’s in-house producer OG Parker.

The production alone makes HANNE highly favorable but the real highlight is Yohanne’s ability to create catchy hooks. His voice, a cross between a melodic J. Cole and Tory Lanez, is easy on the ears and his actual rap flow is cool but doesn’t hold a candle to the artist’s silky croons which makes the intro and Yohanne’s ode to Young Thug and Johnny Cinco, aptly titled “JohnPopiNThugger,” a clear standout for me.

Give the project a spin below. His new project Yellow Janea will be here September 1st. Add HANNE to the collection in the meanwhile at http://hyperurl.co/HANNE-DL.