Nate DAE - Free At Last

Thanking God he’s not locked behind bars or in any sort of mental prison, Duval-native Nate DAE praises the man above for all that he has on a hard-hitting new joint titled “Free At Last.”

More society driven than spiritually inclined, Nate’s triumphant Zero-produced banger feels like a welcome home record than anything I can think of. It just emotes that feeling of freedom one has when released from block classes (2 periods/classes back-to-back with the same teacher in the same room with no break) back in grade school… or a bid upstate.

When asked by Asia Evolv about the cut Nate had this to say, “I don’t tend to talk to many about my feelings. I do, however, put all of my emotions into my music. ‘Free At Last’ was created because I felt bottled in with emotions. I needed to share them.”

Work is still being done on Nate DAE’s upcoming project but “Free At Last” should give you an idea of how epic it’s going to be. Catch the stream above.