Marketplace Watch: ATL's Firehouse


As a fellow lurker of private marketplaces specializing in clothing, the newly announced Firehouse in Atlanta has certainly sparked a great deal of interest. Perhaps it’s the co-sign from Two-9 or the support for the decorative fashion house (b).stroy that has us eager to see what new goodies Firehouse might bring to the table. Even with the flow of eBay bids in abundance, nothing seems to beat out the network that is established of both buyers and sellers in private marketplaces.

As we have seen on the West Coast with 3peat.LA, this stretches far more than just a bundle of transactions. It’s a sense of community, and a built-in trust system that makes buying, selling and trading clothes exceedingly rewarding for users. Firehouse is expected to house premium brands like Bape, Supreme, Visvim, Mastermind Japan, Cav Empt and much more.

Any inquires on selling your items on Firehouse can be made through We do hope that a few special projects may be in the works with some well-known affiliates, as Atlanta has shown remarkable promise in fashion. *archived product shots by