Valuing Essentials: WhoWhatWiLL. Winter 2015 Release

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Not a Lifestyle Brand But An Essentials Brand

It has become commonplace to design with the perceived focus of providing today’s rather exquisite grouping of millennials with ‘essentials’ that work. One would assume the market would eventually grow distasteful, but that is simply not the case, which is comforting for consumers who are more anxious than ever to dish out digital bucks at a moment’s notice. Much of our appreciation can be attributed to WhoWhatWiLL., whom has prepped up a winter release that has all the intricacies we have treasured since launch (and the extension in-between).

We have the opportunity to highlight a new batch of handmade Italian marble pendants (finished in silver and/or 18k gold), abstract multi-tonal 18k gold handmade settings for freshwater pearls, hand-painted external battery packs with built in iPhone cable (24k gold plated iPhone cords are also available separately) and an all new Helvetica series that allows consumers to spell whatever they desire on their neck or wrist area. WWW. even goes as far as providing hooded sweatshirts with snap-out, fully functional 24k gold plated iPhone cords, available as a pullover and a 7/8th zip model(s).

Seeing how enthralled we often are in the wonders of wearable technology, this is a mammoth step in the right direction. Modeled by Sydney Walsh (photographed by Alexis Yorey), WWW.’s Winter 2015 release dazzles with affluence, melting the gold plated hearts of many all-around the web. Black Friday shopping this year (in special regards to ‘essentials’) should only be celebrated at WWW.’s official webstore, which can be found right over here.

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