MADEBUYUS: "The New Uniform" Lookbook


The New Uniform

Matthew Baus and Alexa Demie, the creative powerhouse behind LA’s MADEBUYUS fashion label, have delivered a remarkably mature, multi-layered collection dubbed “The New Uniform”, an obvious nod to classic tailoring and craftsmanship, while also preserving a sort of elevated streetwear outlook that’s both polished and exceedingly levelheaded. Do not get it misconstrued however; the line’s grown aesthetic is not the least bit stiff, and it sets a bar that the youth will perhaps take in and appreciate the most, as far as demographics go.

This is the second collection to-date, as MADEBUYUS looks to develop on the combination of textures and silhouettes that were initially showcased with their “Purity” collection last year. Unlike many of the other exquisite yet totally impractical for-everyday-life clothes exhibited during New York Fashion Week, you can absolutely wear every single garment highlighted in this release.


Menswear looks governed the collection, but it certainly avoided anything too bulky or masculine, and instead, emitted a feminine influence to complement its unisex appeal. The defined balance and lush came in the form of black denim overalls, with incredible zip closures and a finished touch that is spirited, strong and unbelievably sexy.

Another standout piece we could readily pinpoint would be the contrast hoodie composed of black and grey color tones with zipper detail. Easily one of my favorite looks, with the pairing of a trucker hat complemented by hot pink embroidery that spells out MADEBUYUS, the edge you look for when it comes to branding on accessories. It is excitable that a signature patch was also made available, a design hand-drawn by Mana Contemporary artist, Alayne Macchiaverna.
Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 8.49.18 AM

Final Thoughts

Although the attire is coordinated as a whole, you can opt to wear each piece individually for a more neutral, toned down style. MADEBUYUS manages to thrust forward looks from the past to present day with an immediate focus on fabric–for a snug fit and luxurious allure without being pretentious of course. There are several negative undertones associated with ‘uniforms’, but MADEBUYUS is able to put a splendid twist to it all, which is refreshing to those reminiscing over the dark days of questionable teenage fashion choices (colors, fabrics, the works) for the sake of being perceived as an innovator with a compelling sense of individuality. It’s a laughable matter now, but it was the real deal back in the good ol’ days!

First instituted in 16th Century England, uniforms in a school setting gave British education a sense of identity and cohesion, and it evolved through style and contemporary trends that were later adopted. The uniformity in clothing was a countermeasure to replace disorder and hints of rebellion with disciplined order, dismissing much of the rough play from the system. Seeing how essential the uniform came to be in both public and private education, we can of course apply some of this same logic in personal style. The shifts to minimal basic wear free of blocky logos goes hand-in-hand with what MADEBUYUS has offered to us in “The New Uniform” collection.

All in all, MADEBUYUS gave us a pleasurable, unquestionably versatile collection and we are looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. For more information on “The New Uniform” and previous releases, head over to the MADEBUYUS revamped web outlet, which contains the online shop, an engaging social blog, the immersive “LASTNITE” polaroid photo-series and much more goodies!