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MIDNIGHT Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook


19-year old Shane Gonzales (@Shaneaveli) has stirred miracles in the street fashion scene, from the previous cultivation of Stay Dirty Co. to his latest development in MIDNIGHT. As a teenage mogul, Shane inevitably made his way to the city of Los Angeles to work for SSUR under Russ Karablin, where he gained incredible insight that has adequately prepared him for his very own ventures. With rumbles from the community speaking on MIDNIGHT’s initial beginnings (MIDNIGHT/Ebbets Field 6-Panel), it certainly seems that the anticipation for this new direction by Shane has maintained throughout.

This Wednesday, MIDNIGHT will be unloading their 2014 Spring/Summer collection, which features over 20 dynamic products including t-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies, bucket hats and fitted hats (all cut and sewn in Los Angeles). This release will also feature collaborations with Ebbets Field (mentioned above) and Mag-Lite, although many of the details remain hushed. The official MIDNIGHT S/S ’14 lookbook features model Ian Connor, with photography provided by Alex Bortz.

MIDNIGHT’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection will be available for purchase on April 30th via the brand’s online shop. Be sure to take a look at all the other goodies offered by MIDNIGHT under the ‘SOUNDS & VISUALS’ sections on the site. Kudos to NYLON Guys Magazine for the ‘first look’ at MIDNIGHT’s latest drop! MIDNIGHT’S S/S ’14 lookbook is available for access (in its entirety) over here!