GXNXVS & CVIRO – Let Me Love You


Over the past few months, I’ve become a huge fan of remixes, reworks, whatever you wanna call them, that fill the lovely pages of Soundcloud. I even like to call myself “The Soundcloud Lurker” at times as I’ll be on there for hours just surfing different producers pages, going through their whole catalog.

Well in comes rising Australian producer GXNXVS. I came across his work about a month ago with his remix of Drake’s NWTS cut “Too Much” and instantly became a fan. Urging for more, he blows me away with his latest release, “Let Me Love You.” Teaming up with fellow Aussie CVIRO, “Let Me Love You” is a soulful electronic number that makes good use of vocal samples from Mario’s 2004 hit of the same name.

As if I didn’t love the original song enough, this is just too good.