It’s been a while, but we’re back in The Beat Suite today with our youngest guest yet, Kirk Knight. Though the 17 year old beatsmith/emcee is fairly new to the game, he’s already begun to make a name for himself over the past year and trust when I say he’s just getting started. Born & raised in the concrete jungle of New York and a member of the burgeoning rap crew Pro Era, this kid is hungry and poised to become one of the greats.

So while in New York for the summer, I linked up with Kirk at his studio session in the lower east side of Manhattan. This was the first time we met and I have to say that the energy Kirk gives off is nothing but positive. Maybe it’s his innocent youth, but Kirk holds all the qualities someone who really wants this should have.

During our chat, we talk about how he got into producing, the first time he made a beat on a program in which Pro Era frontman Joey Bada$$ encouraged him to use, the summers he spent in front of his old Dell PC practicing, his love for chemistry which he eventually left behind to pursue music, being inspired by the late Capital Steez when it came to his writing, his future plans to release a beat tape and more.

As you watch the interview, you can certainly see the ambition and excitement Kirk posses for his future in the game and just by basing things off of that, there’s no way to deny that he’s someone you should keep your eyes and ears on.

Shot & Edited by FRESHPres