Hov Writes The New Rules .... (Stream: Jay-Z Feat. Justin Timberlake - Holy Grail)


Only Hov could strike a deal with Samsung to digitally release his 12th solo album, sell a million copies before the project even hit stores, and then have the RIAA change their longtime G&P Program award rules.

    Only Hov could write the new rules…

Take a listen to the first track off Magna Carta Holy Grail featuring JT right below, and swing in after the break for the rest of my thoughts. .

“We wrote how the world would be, but now there are so many other things. No ones addressed that again – all these years, all these other things have been introduced to the world. The Internet and all this technology, and all these things – how do we operate within all that? We don’t have any rules –Everyone’s tryna figure it out. That’s why the Internet is like the wild west. We need to write the new rules…”

Just eleven months after releasing Watch The Throne with Kanye West, and four years removed from his last solo project The Blueprint 3, Jiggman Jay-Z drops his 15th studio album today, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

What is Magna Carta you might ask? Well, it was the first document forced upon The King of England back in 1215 by a group of his men in attempt to limit his powers and further protect their rights. Holy Grail is said to be the bowl or cup Jesus used during The Last Supper; in a more modern day perspective, it is a symbol of one’s spiritual beliefs that leads them to divinity.


The rollout for MCHG – GENIUS!

No singles. No videos. No leaks – Just certified platinum on the first day.

By partnering with Samsung and releasing a million copies of his new album digitally, before physical ones even hit stores, proves that Jay knows exactly where his target audience resides. The fact that his marketing strategy was to premiere a 3-minute commercial announcing the arrival of his new album during Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs continues to demonstrate the precision and attentiveness of his approach.

The extraordinary mind of Jay-Z never fails to amaze me, as he continues to re-invent the wheel and make history time and time again. From his Roc-A-Fella deal, to Reebok, Carol’s Daughter, The 40/40, Ace of Spade, D’usse, Duracell Powermat, HP, Budweisser – I mean, the list goes on.


How does he still manage to raise the bar and stay on top after all these years? Truly, I have no idea. But the answer may lie in his ability to grow wiser and smarter, yet still remaining connected to the youth and the culture.

It’s not even just the creativity of his moves – it’s his ingenious approach to life that makes everything else he does seem so much more appealing.

I think it’s amazing how Hov can make Kanye’s rollout for Yeezus seem so miniscule all of a sudden…


Now 43 years old, a proud father, and still at the helm of this rap shit, not only is Jay-Z one of the best to ever do it, he is also one of the greatest people of our generation. Whether this album blows or not – which it doesn’t because I’m listening to it right now – the entire process signifies something larger than music. It’s a reminder for the younger generation to not be afraid of change and pushing the limits. It’s a calling for everybody to realize that we live in a different era now – one that calls for new a new regime, one with new rules.