The Beat Suite: Thelonious Martin


Sup mayne, welcome back to the Beat Suite. Our next hit-maker to step into the mix is a young boss coming straight out of Chicago, and he is definitely paving the way for our future generations. His music has been heard underneath the raps of everybody from Action Bronson, Sir Michael Rocks, Boldy James, Curren$y, Topaz Jones, Kids These Days, and the list goes on. His Tastemakers family, and the Closed Sessions recording studio have supplied a firm foundation for this talented producer to make a massive impact on the music industry, early on in his career.

As Pretty Ricky once said, age ain’t nothing but a number – and Thelonious Martin comes to us at the tender age of 20 years old, but his sounds resemble those of someone way beyond his years. Right before my trip out of the country, I was fortunate enough to get a hold of the busy composer, and break bread with the homie over Skype while in-studio. As you will read later on, I’ve been a fan of Thelonious for a little bit now, so I was more than happy to hear about how his entire career has come to fruition to this point. Although still somewhat of a rookie in this game, Martin has put in countless hours of studying to master his craft, and develop his own niche.

Being a young cat myself, it is always a joy of mine to work, and speak with other ambitious gunners who are looking to make a lasting impact in the future as well. Not many producers his age can say that they have accomplished the same feats early on, but Martin still understands the importance of staying humble, and staying relevant. Constantly working on new projects and great music, it’s always a pleasure to hear a craftsman speak on his work with such passion as the kid does.

Although we experienced minor difficulties getting a hold of each other, Thelonious and I spent our time together talking about everything from his upbringing, to music, the Homme Team, working with Curren$y (one of my favorite artists), his feelings towards the music industry, new projects in the works & a whole lot more. The people in this game can be very fugazy at times, so it was great to chop it up with a genuine dude who is strictly focused on his business – and making it the absolute best. Without further a due, jump in below and enjoy our full interview.

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  • Daddy Lumba Jr

    DOPE Interview king theo

  • Justin Diogenes King

    Really dope, story man!! Would definitely like to offer any video/photography services if needed! Not looking for payment just interesting subjects to chronicle and offer creative feedback where needed!

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