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10 Bars Of Advice From Big Sean


    “If you don’t fuck with my songs, man, you gotta fuck with the intention/Tryna get my fam and friends-es, behind Benz-es, and Cartier lenses – WOAH” – “FFOE” Detroit

As we begin to close out the 1st quarter, there have been a good number of releases that I was anticipating since last winter like Rockie Fresh’ first MMG mixtape, Electric Highway, Joe Budden’s first industry inspired album, No Love Lost; T.I.’s Trouble Man, JT’s 20/20 Experience & more – Some other release that I’m still awaiting to vibe out to are J.Cole’s sophomore effort, Born Sinner, his collaborative effort with Kendrick Lamar; whatever Jay-Z is working on, Jhené Aiko’s Sailing Souls, and the list goes on.

One project on my radar especially has to be Big Sean’s second album, Hall Of Fame: Memoirs of A Detroit Player. This album is said to be Sean Don’s best body of work to date, and the delay of his highly anticipated release was all in efforts to make it “legendary”. The follow up to his Detroit mixtape – which is a complete banger, and rapidly approaches 2 million downloads – has great expectations. It is highly likely that there will be more feedback and criticism now more than ever, after Sean continues to execute major deals and propel himself into the limelight.. So after recent inspiration, and in prep for the release of his next album, Hall Of Fame sometime in June/July, I went all the way back in the discography to compile a list of useful bars from the 6-Mile MC. Check the list down below.

In no particular order, here are my 10 favorite bars of advice from Big Sean, tracking all the way back to his Finally Famous Vol. 1 – And you know it wouldn’t be a blog if I didn’t put my own two cents in either.


“See broads over niggas, but business over broads/See business equals money and money’s over all/I’m tryna move my momma from the ghetto to the meadow/Swear she can’t stay in that f*ckin hood forever”
– “Made ft. Drake” Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG

I think this was the first dose of Big Sean I got back in 09’ or so. He just broke down the rhyme so simple and it felt real, like “damn that’s the truth”. I wanna get my momma out of her trap too.


“Only people that could give you life is judge and a God/But the only one to judge me is my God/So I’m a live life like fuck what you thought.”
– “Desire, Want, Need” Finally Famous Vol.2: UKnowBigSean

God is my judge, I learned this early on in life – it’s truly a blessing to have the ability just not to give any f*cks…zero.


“But there always was girls on my pee-nile/And I fell victim to the va-gi-na/But when it comes to the ass chase, no thank you/Rather run in the cash race”
– “Million Dollars” Finally Famous Vol.2: UKnowBigSean

Make sure your priorities are in order. I literally played this joint every single day back then on my way to work and home. I still haven’t hit that mill yet either, I should probably start playing this shit again.


“Mama had 2 jobs, I know she was workin’ for me/Ten years later, hired her working for me/Hired the whole family like mobsters, getting paid off our operation we ain’t even doctors”
– “Life Should Go On ft. Wale” – Detroit

It feels good to enjoy the fruits of your labor down the line. It’s all about timing though–wait your time and put in the work, good things will follow. Getting money with your boys and doing what you love to ensure a stress free life for your family should always be a goal.


“The point I gotta prove, is that I did everything that they told me not to do/After I went down the road, they told me not to cruise/They ain’t know that was my road to success/Now my picture on the wall hanging to help the kids follow through”
– “So Much More” – Finally Famous

Nobody knows what is best for you, better than you do. Silence to them all! Sean just snapped for almost six minutes on this record off his debut album. The entire track is punch line heavy, but these were just a few bars I thought stood out.


“I would hate to be a almost nigga/I call ya that, ’cause you gossip like y’all almost bitches/You know, went to school with Jay, and was almost Jigga/Or hooped against LeBron and would almost get ‘im/Y’all niggas make me realize how good almost isn’t/Would hate to look back on my life and say “I almost did it”
– “What Goes Around” Finally Famous

Another cut off his Def Jam debut, Big just came with that real talk. Why would you ever want to be an “almost nigga”?


“Yeah I made it out, made it up, and I’ll remain makin’ it up/Never satisfied what I make, no such thing as makin’ enough”
-“Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper ft. Mac Miller”

Dudes get complacent when they start makin’ a little bit of paper – they buggin’. The number one rule in hustlin’ of any sort – There is no such thing as “too much” money.


“Cause when you come from the bottom man it’s so hard to get a glimpse/So hard to get a glimpse, so while I’m here I might take a pic/And show ‘em that it’s more to the world than tryna make a living/Like changing it, then looking back and saying that we did it”
– “How It Feel” Detroit

After linking up with Kanye and experiencing many new wonders of the world, you can hear and see the change in mindset of Big Sean. It seems like the OGs are preaching the importance of philanthropy while in the process of acquiring such wealth. Act according!


“You could lose it twice as fast as you got it”, Got it/that’s what my grandma told me/And you’ve got to be a dumb, dumb, dumb, motherf*cker not to listen to what you hear from the OG’s
– “FFOE” Detroit

Speaking of the OGs. By now we should all know Rule Number 101: Respect Your Elders. Those tips they give up are lay-ups.


I made a mil before twenty-five, man and I ain’t even no lie/B*tch I ain’t sayin’ that shit to brag neither, I’m sayin’ that to inspire
– “RWT” Detroit

Notice how the last few cuts were all off Detriot. Big Sean had too many classic bars on that project in my opinion – I can’t wait for the LP.

At the end of the day, what I take away from his music is pretty simple – get money, worry about your own business, take care of your family, disregard the negativity, and smoke madd weed.