Premiere: Arima Ederra - Earth To Arima (EP)


Without further adieu, I am proud to present to you all the debut project from Las Vegas songstress Arima Ederra, “Earth To Arima”. Entirely self-written by the songstress herself, ‘Earth To Arima’ is a creative thought project exploring Arima’s artistic and introspective thought process, as well as displaying her creative approach to R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop and melodic music production. The 10 track EP features production from Bhonstro, Dead702, Al B Smoov, Cam, Naybeyin, and Sol X with guest verses from emcees Sham, BLU and GIBBY all based out of Los Angeles. When listening to this, close your eyes and venture off to that place in your mind where nothing else matters.. this is music for your soul. Stream/Download below.


DOWNLOAD Arima Ederra – Earth To Arima (EP)