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Tory Lanez - Sincerely Tory (Mixtape)

Toronto native Tory Lanez has released his latest mixtape, Sincerely Tory. On this project you’ll find 20 tracks all produced or co-produced by the man himself.

1.Sincerely Tory (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
2.Apartment 310 (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
3.Sextasy (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic )
4.Stupido (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic
5.Warchild (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
6.Carolina High (Prod by Tory Lanez)
7.The Doowop Kid (Interlude) (Prod by Tory Lanez)
8.Friday The 13th (Prod by Tory Lanez & Tokyo Monster)
9.Blame My Ex (Co Prod Tory Lanez)
10.Im Gone Have It (Interlude)
11.Remembrance Day (Prod by Tory Lanez & Tokyo Monster)
12.Stolen Hearts (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
13.Wings (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
14.High Notes (Prod by Tory Lanez & C.Dara)
15.Highschool Memories (Prod by Tory Lanez & Chemist)
16.Stripclub Las Vegas (Bonus) (Prod by Tory Lanez)
17.On a F cking Lean (Prod by Tory Lanez)
18.Shut Up (Bonus) (Prod by Chemist & Tory Lanez)
19.The Morning After (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
20.You Shouldnt Have (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)

DOWNLOAD Tory Lanez – Sincerely Tory 2 (Mixtape) | STREAM via HotNewHipHop