Ron Burngundy Returns for Anchorman 2

Will Ferrel made an appearance on Conan a few weeks back with flute to announce that Anchorman 2 was officially in the works. This was great news to all us Ron Burgundy fans! For anyone who has seen Anchorman agrees that the movie is over the top hilarious & has quotable’s for days. See my favorite scene here (Bryan: Ron, where are you?! Ron: Im in a glass case of emotion! *while in phone booth*)

But at the same time, this great news also made me worry that the sequel could possibly not be as funny and ruin it for us all. Some sequels have failed us completely, take “The Hangover 2” for example. Let that marinate, ha!

Anywhom, MissInfo has come across this bootlegged trailer which off the bat contains a new quotable, “This Is Gonna Make You Cream…”

I need that 2013 release date ASAP! Check out the films first official poster after the jump…